Phylo Lab Members


Mike R. May

Mike joined the lab in 2011, and is a phenomenal fifth-year PBG grad student. Mike is generally interested in developing Bayesian phylogenetic methods, including approaches for inferring rates of lineage diversification (speciation and extinction) and the evolution of discrete and continuous traits. Mike is a teaching assistant in EVE 103 (Phylogeny, Speciation, Macroevolution), PBG 200C (Principles of Microevolution and Macroevolution), and is an instructor at the Bodega Applied Phylogenetic Workshop.

Research Interests I’m generally interested in …Recent & Forthcoming PapersMay, M. R. and Moore, B. R. 2015. How well can we detect lineage-specific diversification rate shifts? A simulation study of sequential AIC methods. Systematic Biology (in review). BioRxiv

May, M. R., Höhna, S., and Moore, B. R. 2016. A Bayesian approach for detecting mass-extinction events when rates of lineage diversification vary. Methods in Ecology and Evolution (in review). BioRxiv

Santini, F., May, M. R., Carnevale, G., and Moore, B. R. 2015. Bayesian inference of divergence times and feeding evolution in grey mullets (Mugilidae). PLOS ONE (accepted). BioRxivHöhna, S., May, M. R., and Moore, B. R. 2015b. TESS: Bayesian inference of lineage diversification rates from (incompletely sampled) phylogenies in R. Bioinformatics (in press). BioRxivMagee, A. F., May, M. R., and Moore, B. R. 2014. The dawn of open access to phylogenetic data. PLoS ONE, 9(10): e110268. arRxivBrandvain, Y. G. B. Pauly, M. R. May, and M. Turelli 2014. Explaining Darwin’s corollary to Haldane’s rule: The role of mitonuclear interactions in asymmetric postzygotic isolation among toads. Genetics 197: 743–747.

Melters D. P., Bradnam K. R., Young H. A., Telis N., May M. R., Ruby J. G., Sebra R., Peluso P., Eid J., Rank D., Fernando Garcia J., DeRisi J., Smith T., Tobias C., Ross-Ibarra J., Korf I. F., Chan S.W.-L. 2013. Patterns of centromere tandem repeat evolution in 282 animal and plant genomes. Genome Biology 14: R10.

May M. R., Provance M. C., Sanders A. C., Ellstrand N. C., Ross-Ibarra J. 2009. A Pleistocene clone of Palmer’s Oak persisting in Southern California. PLoS ONE 4(12):e8346. doi:10.1371/ journal.pone.0008346